Girls Pee Like Boys In the Woods

The pStyle allows women to urinate standing up.

Today I’m hiking in the woods and trying out my new purchase, which is a pStyle. It’s a device which allows women to urinate while standing up.

Basically, it’s and open-topped funnel with a narrow cup, which wraps a woman’s private parts. The funnel extends just beyond the zipper line of her pants. If the woman draws the pStyle across her privates as she removes the device, the cup draws away any remaining droplets. No further wiping is necessary.

I used it in the portable toilet at the trailhead, and again in the woods. Not only did it relieve my bladder, but I was thankful because, when I turned around, someone was passing by on the seemingly empty trail. But they didn’t see anything. I wasn’t exposed, and there weren’t mosquitos biting my derrière.

The device works very well, and costs about $12. You can order it from the pStyle web site, and shipping in the continental US is included in the purchase price. You can also order it off of Amazon, and I think it’s the same price there. It comes in multiple colors.

It’s probably neater and cleaner than squatting in the woods, and it’s definitely more sanitary than sitting while using a portable toilet. It’s a wonderful device. I’ve used it twice today, and practiced one time at home. Really, though, it’s so simple that no practice is necessary.

One of the best parts was I didn’t have to remove my backpack, or my fanny pack, or my binoculars. I could stay fully clothed and geared up. You simply unzip, pull aside your underclothing, hold the pStyle in place, and you are ready to go (no pun intended).

And I’m grateful for that device today. I had just passed a sign that said it was still a half-mile to the trailhead. And I knew there were no toilets there; only the portable toilet that, earlier in the day, wasn’t in great condition. Without the pStyle, I’d have spent the last 15-20 minutes of my hike wondering if I could hold it. Instead, I was able to enjoy the walk and the birdsong.

I didn’t want to carry additional water to rinse the device with, so I put it in a gallon-sized food-storage bag with a couple of super-absorbent paper towels. I simply flicked the droplets off of the pStyle and let the toweling absorb any residual moisture. At home, I washed it quickly with soap and water.

[Remember to step away from the trail when urinating, to keep it clean and odor free. Also, be sure to urinate 70 steps or more from any body of water.]

Published by cafsamsel

Carol Fullerton-Samsel is a nearly-native Floridian who lives with her husband of 25 years and three rescue animals. She has a passion for day-hiking and nature, and also enjoys writing. Be sure to visit the TenPaths YouTube channel, which is still in its infancy.

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