Beating the Summer Heat With Cooling Towels

Now that summer has arrived, the challenge has become staying cool. I recently tried the YQXCC Cooling Towels offered on Amazon.

The towels are actually like long scarves, measuring 47” x 12″ (119 cm x 30 cm). The fabric is thin and soft, but seems durable.

To activate the towel, one soaks it in water until thoroughly saturated. Then the towel is lightly wrung out, given a few shakes in the air, and wrapped about the neck or shoulders.

I recently used this on a hike, when the temperatures were in the mid-80s (29˚C), with a “feels like” temperature of 90 (32˚C). The towel didn’t change the temperature, of course, and I was glad to finish my walk as the day became hotter. However, the cooling towel allowed me to extend my hiking time, kept me from getting dizzy or sick from the heat, and made finishing the trail tolerable.

I knew the day would be warming up, so I put one of the towels in a gallon freezer-bag and added water, until the bag was half full. I then sealed and folded the bag, tucked it into the side-pocket of my backpack, and carried it with me until needed. When I removed the towel, I wrung it out over the mouth of the bag, to preserve water for resoaking.

I discovered that it is easiest and most effective to wear the cooling towel pirate-style. I push the center of the towel into my forehead, and then cinch it behind my head. It stays in place, and there is no need to make a knot. I then pull the ends around my neck and tuck them into my shirt. I also separate the forehead band and pull a flap of fabric over the top of my head. The flap dries out very quickly unless it is covered by a hat. Even then, the single layer of fabric dries more quickly than the bunched ends.

Wearing the towel made a huge difference in my comfort level, so I bought a package of towels for my husband. He uses one when mowing the lawn, and says it makes the heat bearable.

I now consider the YQXCC Cooling Towel standard hiking equipment.

(YQXCC three-pack, $11.99. The link is provided for convenience. This review was not requested and the reviewer was not compensated.)

Published by cafsamsel

Carol Fullerton-Samsel is a nearly-native Floridian who lives with her husband of 25 years and three rescue animals. She has a passion for day-hiking and nature, and also enjoys writing. Be sure to visit the TenPaths YouTube channel, which is still in its infancy.

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