Can I stop people-pleasing?

Is people-pleasing a form of naiveté? Maybe it is, because when you’re a people-pleaser, you think that if you can just figure out the pattern – – the code – – you can fix the relationship with that other person. And so you spend all of your time soothing that person and replaying painful incidents.Continue reading “Can I stop people-pleasing?”

Is a Kindle Paperwhite worthwhile?

I’ve wanted a Kindle reader for several years, but was dissuaded by early negative reviews; later the price of the device. But Amazon and YouTube reviews indicate that most of the initial bugs have been worked out, and most reviewers seem happy with their purchase. So, a few days ago, I bought a Kindle PaperwhiteContinue reading “Is a Kindle Paperwhite worthwhile?”


The house is inviting and painful;She left remnants behind.A glove in the grassBlackened by earth.The plumbago lift their armsAs she trims beneath them;Gusting wind; a floral scent;The door draws them in.Nails click on less-kept tile;Little One searching room to room;Halts and cocks an ear.But keyboard is silent;Both blessing and curse;Assured her presence;I tossed and turned.WhatContinue reading “Remnants”

Creating a nature habitat in 5 months

When I first started this blog, it leaned toward hiking. But then, we had a long, excessively hot summer. And hiking in 90°-plus weather simply isn’t enjoyable. So it seems unlikely I’d spend the five-month summer out-of-doors, but that’s exactly what I did. Now when we first moved back to Florida, I just wanted anContinue reading “Creating a nature habitat in 5 months”

Are Artists Obsolete? Has Artificial Intelligence Replaced Them?

“An A.I.-Generated Picture Won an Art Prize. Artists Aren’t Happy,” announces a recent New York Times article. The reporter goes on to say that, at a state-fair art competition, one artist won the digital-art category for an AI-generated image. Although I have no qualms about the artist submitting this piece, especially since he was up-frontContinue reading “Are Artists Obsolete? Has Artificial Intelligence Replaced Them?”

Flatworm in the garden

A visitor from southeast Asia in the garden. This is Dolichoplana striata, one of many introduced flatworms now found in the United States. Most of the flatworms feed on earthworms, 30% of which are also foreign species. Flatworms are slimy and can be killed with a generous application of salt. But don’t cut them inContinue reading “Flatworm in the garden”

An exterminator threatens my suburban island

The doorbell rang. I looked through the window and then stepped onto the porch, where a lanky young man in navy shirt and khakis greeted me. “Hi. My name is Kevin. I wanted to let you know about some work being done on your street tomorrow.” Road work maybe? “Your neighbor has a pest problem.”Continue reading “An exterminator threatens my suburban island”

How Boomers Think

The Greatest Generation (1901-1927)The Silent Generation (1928-1945)Baby Boomers (1946-1964) As human beings, we love to categorize. But categorizing generations is only statistically convenient. We are assigned a generation according to which 16-18 year period we fall into. But in a world that changes daily – hourly – a single generation holds multiple groups that experienceContinue reading “How Boomers Think”

Why follow a routine?

What is routine? A reason to get up in the morning; to persevere throughout the day. I think that’s what it comes down to. So it’s important that the first routine be pleasant. Or productive. Which means different things to different people. My favorite start to the day is coffee on the patio; an arrayContinue reading “Why follow a routine?”