Is a Kindle Paperwhite worthwhile?

I’ve wanted a Kindle reader for several years, but was dissuaded by early negative reviews; later the price of the device. But Amazon and YouTube reviews indicate that most of the initial bugs have been worked out, and most reviewers seem happy with their purchase. So, a few days ago, I bought a Kindle PaperwhiteContinue reading “Is a Kindle Paperwhite worthwhile?”

The Clones of Langston

The second edition of The Clones of Langston has just been released. It is available through Amazon ($9.95 paperback) and Barnes and Noble ($10.95 paperback). When cloned workers are abandoned by a biological research corporation, they form their own society. As the facility housing them erodes, they discover a challenging new world—our own.

Movie Walk-outs and Books in the Bin

There are no book police. If one doesn’t care for a book – or a movie – there is no need to suffer through. Indeed, I’ve walked out of two movies in my life. The first was Pulp Fiction, which opens with scenes of extreme violence. The theater was packed with stunned viewers. Aside fromContinue reading “Movie Walk-outs and Books in the Bin”

Is reading passé?

I stopped reading books. When I had hour-long commutes, I listened to audiobooks instead. But as their popularity increased, the narrative quality seemed to decrease. Some books sounded as though they’d been read by computers. Or was the narrator simply incorporating the intonations heard in our digital society? Will there come a time when allContinue reading “Is reading passé?”