Receiving the Pfizer Covid Vaccine

Yesterday, I went to CVS for the second dose of the Pfizer vaccine. Getting the vaccine was much easier this time. When I went for the first dose, the line snaked through the building and I read a book during the hour-long wait. But this time, the line was short and the wait was onlyContinue reading “Receiving the Pfizer Covid Vaccine”

Neatest Mom Ever

I was in Saint Augustine (Florida), relaxing in the park adjoining the historic fort. As I sat on a retaining wall overlooking the bay, I saw a woman and her three children walking in my direction. The woman was tall and thin and looked relaxed and happy. Her children followed contentedly as they walked theContinue reading “Neatest Mom Ever”

On-task with a 10-day schedule

I thought my house would be cleaner. With the Covid lockdown, and practically all hours spent at home, I thought I might spend more time keeping things tidy. Early on, I saw a woman on YouTube who offered a less painful approach to the daily clean-up. She stood in the kitchen and set a timerContinue reading “On-task with a 10-day schedule”

Is reading passé?

I stopped reading books. When I had hour-long commutes, I listened to audiobooks instead. But as their popularity increased, the narrative quality seemed to decrease. Some books sounded as though they’d been read by computers. Or was the narrator simply incorporating the intonations heard in our digital society? Will there come a time when allContinue reading “Is reading passé?”

Big Talbot and Fort Clinch – a birding twofer

Big Talbot Island State Park (Duval County, FL) opens at sunrise – perfect for birders. I often start here, bird for a couple of hours, and then drive north to Fort Clinch State Park, which opens at 8:00 AM. At Big Talbot, wading birds are returning to Spoonbill Pond. This week there was a smallContinue reading “Big Talbot and Fort Clinch – a birding twofer”

Living with the Seasons

For some time now, I’ve been thinking about how nice it would be to simply live with the seasons. To develop a group of interests, and then do that which weather or circumstances allow. It goes totally against the societal pressures forced upon me as a young adult in the 80s – when suddenly, makingContinue reading “Living with the Seasons”