Sixty Days of Exercise

I just completed 60 days of daily exercise. So what has changed since day 30? Energy level continues to increase. I’m active later into the evening and must force myself to stop. Blood pressure has changed. Was an average of 116/68; now 107/64. Resting heart rate has increased. Averaged 68 bpm before the 60-day period;Continue reading “Sixty Days of Exercise”

30-day Exercise Challenge

After my one-week retreat, I set a long-term, personal goal; but to accomplish it I’d have to become physically stronger. I watched a few YouTube videos about building muscle and then researched gyms in my area. There was one a short distance from my home, the membership was [somewhat] reasonably priced, and it was wellContinue reading “30-day Exercise Challenge”

Free Tony Robbins Seminar, Breakthrough 2022

One morning, I woke up and realized I was invisible. I was the same person I’d been the day before, and the day before that. But I’d reached an age where employers look at a résumé and shake their heads. “Too old.” An age in which I could no longer deny senior-citizen discounts. And inContinue reading “Free Tony Robbins Seminar, Breakthrough 2022”

Easy Vegan Omelet Using Just Egg

I recently heard of a product called Just Egg, and wanted to try making omelets with it. It took several attempts to figure out how to create an omelet with this bean-based liquid, which can be found in the egg-display case at Whole Foods. Below is the recipe. Step 1. First grease a non-stick, 10-inchContinue reading “Easy Vegan Omelet Using Just Egg”

Limiting ourselves with self-imposed labels

Name-calling is hurtful. We all know that. So why do we hurt ourselves by assigning labels to our behaviors; our very thoughts? Why do we place ourselves in categories, and rank ourselves among movements? It’s a form of self-destruction; or self-protection as we huddle behind a gossamer wall. So what led me down this path?Continue reading “Limiting ourselves with self-imposed labels”

Pineapple to the rescue! Surviving amoebic dysentery and reducing eye floaters.

Once upon a time, pineapple saved my life. I was touring in Kenya and staying at a lodge near Lake Nakuru. I sat down to dinner and the first course was served—a cup of beef bullion. I held the spoon to my mouth, but couldn’t swallow. The thought of swallowing filled me with nausea. IContinue reading “Pineapple to the rescue! Surviving amoebic dysentery and reducing eye floaters.”

Be Inspired to Eat Healthy

Roughly seven years ago, two movies inspired me to adopt a healthier lifestyle. I first watched Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead, a documentary about a man in declining health who decides to make a change. The film follows Joe Cross as he alters his diet, quickly sheds pounds, and rediscovers his own energy and abilities.Continue reading “Be Inspired to Eat Healthy”

Girls Pee Like Boys In the Woods

Today I’m hiking in the woods and trying out my new purchase, which is a pStyle. It’s a device which allows women to urinate while standing up. Basically, it’s and open-topped funnel with a narrow cup, which wraps a woman’s private parts. The funnel extends just beyond the zipper line of her pants. If theContinue reading “Girls Pee Like Boys In the Woods”

Receiving the Pfizer Covid Vaccine

Yesterday, I went to CVS for the second dose of the Pfizer vaccine. Getting the vaccine was much easier this time. When I went for the first dose, the line snaked through the building and I read a book during the hour-long wait. But this time, the line was short and the wait was onlyContinue reading “Receiving the Pfizer Covid Vaccine”

Benefiting From a Vegan Diet

I’m a senior and have been nearly-vegan for roughly 7 years. I allow myself one egg a day (from pasture-raised chickens), but most days I skip it. I eat a serving of fish once every 6-8 weeks. Did the meat and dairy-free diet made a difference? The first things to change were my weight, digestion,Continue reading “Benefiting From a Vegan Diet”