Some Hikes Aren’t a Walk In the Park

Part One:  A Holiday Without Motors Part Two: Wild OrangesPart Three: Taste it kids! It’s blackberry!Part Four: Apocalyptic Bees I arrive at my destination before 7 AM, and decide to do the longest trail. Early on, things seem promising. I see one doe and then another, round in the belly and possibly pregnant. As IContinue reading “Some Hikes Aren’t a Walk In the Park”

Girls Pee Like Boys In the Woods

Today I’m hiking in the woods and trying out my new purchase, which is a pStyle. It’s a device which allows women to urinate while standing up. Basically, it’s and open-topped funnel with a narrow cup, which wraps a woman’s private parts. The funnel extends just beyond the zipper line of her pants. If theContinue reading “Girls Pee Like Boys In the Woods”

Alligator Tales

As I was walking the Brown Trail at Newnans Lake State Forest (Gainesville, FL), I heard a growl. This is why I have a deep respect for alligators… Tales of my experiences at Taylor Park (Largo, FL). Transcript: I see some foam on a little twig, and we are near water so I’m assuming thoseContinue reading “Alligator Tales”

Thomas Creek Conservation Area is a little rugged

Where is the trailhead? Thomas Creek Conservation Area, managed by the St. Johns River Water Management District, is located at 12831 New Kings Road, Jacksonville, Florida. There is a 1.4 mile loop on the west side of New Kings Road (U.S. 1) and a 3-mile loop on the east side of New Kings Road. BothContinue reading “Thomas Creek Conservation Area is a little rugged”

Trails at San Felasco Hammock Preserve State Park

Where is it? There are two trailheads a few miles apart. The trailhead for hiking is at:  11101 Millhopper Road, Gainesville, FL.The trailhead for equestrian and bike use is at:  13201 Progress Blvd., Alachua, FL. Note that bicycles and horses are not allowed on the hiking trails. Likewise, hikers are not permitted on the bicycleContinue reading “Trails at San Felasco Hammock Preserve State Park”

Flooding at Big Talbot Island

I glanced at the weather app over breakfast. The morning would be in the mid-70s (around 24 C), and no rain until eleven. Partly sunny. A perfect morning to go birding. I raced through my chores and then headed toward Big Talbot Island in Jacksonville, Florida. A cool breeze met me as I stepped outContinue reading “Flooding at Big Talbot Island”

Observing Small Species at GTM Reserve

The birds seemed unusually skittish. So I turned my attention to smaller creatures.

Skeeters, Rain, and Closed Bathrooms

GTM Reserve officially re-opens tomorrow (June 6, 2020), and visitors will once again pay a small fee to access the park. The web site says that the bathrooms at the park’s entrance will remain closed for renovations, but visitors can use the Port-o-let in the interim. Maybe. Last week it was gross. This week, IContinue reading “Skeeters, Rain, and Closed Bathrooms”

Birding on the GTM Red Trail

Yesterday was my day off, so instead of birding in the afternoon, I was able to get an early start. I arrived at the Guana Tolomato Matanzas National Estuarine Research Reserve (GTM Research Reserve) just before sunrise. I wanted to traverse the Red Trail, which is the reserve’s longest at 5.8 miles. I had packedContinue reading “Birding on the GTM Red Trail”