Are Artists Obsolete? Has Artificial Intelligence Replaced Them?

“An A.I.-Generated Picture Won an Art Prize. Artists Aren’t Happy,” announces a recent New York Times article. The reporter goes on to say that, at a state-fair art competition, one artist won the digital-art category for an AI-generated image. Although I have no qualms about the artist submitting this piece, especially since he was up-frontContinue reading “Are Artists Obsolete? Has Artificial Intelligence Replaced Them?”

Choosing and Editing Your Best Photos

On a typical half-day shoot, I’ll take 200 photos. When I get home, I turn on my computer and create a file folder for the day’s images. I then transfer the pictures from the camera’s data storage card into the folder. After opening Corel Paintshop Pro, my preferred photo editing software, I begin the processContinue reading “Choosing and Editing Your Best Photos”

Photographing Wildlife Safely

If you’re reading this, you probably take a lot of photos. And, odds are, you’ll be taking many more. So there will always be another great shot to replace one missed, provided the photographer puts safety first. Safety begins when one pauses for the shot and glances down. Is she standing next to a venomousContinue reading “Photographing Wildlife Safely”

Do I need an expensive camera?

Sometimes people try to improve their photography by purchasing expensive cameras. Admittedly, there are now cameras that can do amazing things. However, high-end equipment can cost many thousands of dollars – even tens of thousands! For the average person, this is simply out of reach. I use a Canon SX700 HS, which is a 30xContinue reading “Do I need an expensive camera?”

Photographing Sweetwater Wetlands Park

Spring greens are appearing among winter’s golds and reds, and the colors inspired me to take some scenic shots. This park can actually be difficult to photograph. As clouds pass over the fields, hues suddenly brighten then subdue. A second or two can make a difference in whether the marsh looks well-lit or muddied. ButContinue reading “Photographing Sweetwater Wetlands Park”

Winter Birds at Sweetwater Wetlands (Gainesville, FL)

From a distance, there appeared to be a lot of dead vegetation in the marsh. It looked like scattered chunks of palm bark. Then, in the water, I noticed a duck with a bright orange bill. I lifted my binoculars for a better look, and then realized that the woody shreds were moving. This wasn’tContinue reading “Winter Birds at Sweetwater Wetlands (Gainesville, FL)”

Video recording with a Canon Powershot and recovering lost images

Yesterday, I used my Canon PowerShot SX700 HS to record videos. I doubt that this model is still available. I actually bought it seven years ago, and it’s still working great. Because it is such a work-horse, I highly recommend Canon PowerShot cameras and would buy one again. Although mine is an older model, it’sContinue reading “Video recording with a Canon Powershot and recovering lost images”

Changing a Photo to a Painting

I enjoy experimenting with photo-editing software. Today I tested an online app called BeFunky. It was relatively easy to convert an image to a painting using the “Artsy” setting and the “Pastel” option (Digital Art, Oil Painting, and Watercolor options were also available). However, I still wasn’t satisfied with the lighting and vibrancy of theContinue reading “Changing a Photo to a Painting”