Video recording with a Canon Powershot and recovering lost images

Yesterday, I used my Canon PowerShot SX700 HS to record videos. I doubt that this model is still available. I actually bought it seven years ago, and it’s still working great. Because it is such a work-horse, I highly recommend Canon PowerShot cameras and would buy one again. Although mine is an older model, it’sContinue reading “Video recording with a Canon Powershot and recovering lost images”

Changing a Photo to a Painting

I enjoy experimenting with photo-editing software. Today I tested an online app called BeFunky. It was relatively easy to convert an image to a painting using the “Artsy” setting and the “Pastel” option (Digital Art, Oil Painting, and Watercolor options were also available). However, I still wasn’t satisfied with the lighting and vibrancy of theContinue reading “Changing a Photo to a Painting”