The house is inviting and painful;She left remnants behind.A glove in the grassBlackened by earth.The plumbago lift their armsAs she trims beneath them;Gusting wind; a floral scent;The door draws them in.Nails click on less-kept tile;Little One searching room to room;Halts and cocks an ear.But keyboard is silent;Both blessing and curse;Assured her presence;I tossed and turned.WhatContinue reading “Remnants”

Bereavement for Jellyfish

Oscillating water fills my bell.Bobbing and tumbling; no crashing waves;Only a steady push, like a mother prodding a childToward unknown relatives.Or guiding a sleepy toddler to bed,A glass of wine waiting on the counter. A silty fog. Sand scraping my crown.Suspended at shore, I glimpse a new land,Freckled pink and orange; those lost before. IContinue reading “Bereavement for Jellyfish”