The house is inviting and painful;She left remnants behind.A glove in the grassBlackened by earth.The plumbago lift their armsAs she trims beneath them;Gusting wind; a floral scent;The door draws them in.Nails click on less-kept tile;Little One searching room to room;Halts and cocks an ear.But keyboard is silent;Both blessing and curse;Assured her presence;I tossed and turned.WhatContinue reading “Remnants”

Why follow a routine?

What is routine? A reason to get up in the morning; to persevere throughout the day. I think that’s what it comes down to. So it’s important that the first routine be pleasant. Or productive. Which means different things to different people. My favorite start to the day is coffee on the patio; an arrayContinue reading “Why follow a routine?”

A single cardinal and idle thought

I need time away form the world’s incessant chatter. And away from the chatter in my own head. My own brain. Which is beginning to mimic the technology it’s connected to. Jumping from one thing to the next unendingly. I’ve become fearful of solitude and idle thought, and run from myself. Of course, one canContinue reading “A single cardinal and idle thought”

Why do we have hobbies?

For the video version of this essay, scroll to the bottom for a YouTube link. One of my students asked me a question. She asked, “Why do people have hobbies?” And I started writing a reply, but it’s a complicated question. The concept of hobbies is relatively new. There was a time when survival wasContinue reading “Why do we have hobbies?”

Always Moving Forward

There are so many things I’d like to do; that I’d like to accomplish. And I think it’s time to start doing them. I don’t have to plan it all. I don’t think I can plan it all. It’s sort of like when my parents were first in business. They were in their late twenties.Continue reading “Always Moving Forward”

Initial Review of the Rocketbook Core Reusable Notebook

I just received the Rocketbook Core (formerly known as the Rocketbook Everlast), a notebook with reusable pages, erasable with water and a microfiber cloth. With the help of the Rocketbook app, the notebook’s pages can be quickly scanned (photographed) and uploaded to Google Drive, along with a typed version of the document. The pages canContinue reading “Initial Review of the Rocketbook Core Reusable Notebook”

Using a Google Drive App to Convert Handwriting into Text

Today I experimented with using Google Docs (a Google Drive app) to convert handwritten documents into text. After running 6 trials, I found that the app: Prefers smaller to larger print (My “small” handwriting is actually medium-sized. I tend to write large.) Can handle lined paper as long as the lines are lighter than theContinue reading “Using a Google Drive App to Convert Handwriting into Text”

Limiting ourselves with self-imposed labels

Name-calling is hurtful. We all know that. So why do we hurt ourselves by assigning labels to our behaviors; our very thoughts? Why do we place ourselves in categories, and rank ourselves among movements? It’s a form of self-destruction; or self-protection as we huddle behind a gossamer wall. So what led me down this path?Continue reading “Limiting ourselves with self-imposed labels”