Limiting ourselves with self-imposed labels

Name-calling is hurtful. We all know that. So why do we hurt ourselves by assigning labels to our behaviors; our very thoughts? Why do we place ourselves in categories, and rank ourselves among movements? It’s a form of self-destruction; or self-protection as we huddle behind a gossamer wall. So what led me down this path?Continue reading “Limiting ourselves with self-imposed labels”

Bereavement for Jellyfish

Oscillating water fills my bell.Bobbing and tumbling; no crashing waves;Only a steady push, like a mother prodding a childToward unknown relatives.Or guiding a sleepy toddler to bed,A glass of wine waiting on the counter. A silty fog. Sand scraping my crown.Suspended at shore, I glimpse a new land,Freckled pink and orange; those lost before. IContinue reading “Bereavement for Jellyfish”

The Clones of Langston

The second edition of The Clones of Langston has just been released. It is available through Amazon ($9.95 paperback) and Barnes and Noble ($10.95 paperback). When cloned workers are abandoned by a biological research corporation, they form their own society. As the facility housing them erodes, they discover a challenging new world—our own.