Florida Species

Links to pages about specific animals, plants, fungi, bacteria, and protists encountered in Northeast Florida; also to articles about other topics, but containing information about a particular species.



Insects and Spiders

Abbot’s Bagworm Moth
Assassin Bug
Common Thread-waisted Wasp
Dung Beetle
European Paper Wasp
Golden Silk Orb Weaver
Horned Fungus Beetle
Leaffooted Bug
Lighthouse Wasp
Lubber Grasshopper
Polyphemus Moth
Two-striped Walkingstick

Reptiles and Amphibians

Alligator warnings and attacks
Alligator body language
Alligator body language
Cuban Treefrog
Eastern Black Racer
Green Anole
Pygmy Rattlesnake


Black Vulture
Black-bellied Whistling Duck
Great Blue Heron
Laughing Gull
Little Blue Heron
Mallard Duck vs Mottled Duck
Red Knot vs Dunlin
Red-shouldered Hawks

Ocean and Seaside Animals

Moon Jellyfish
Sea Slaters


Chinese Rattlebox (plant)
Loblolly Bay (tree)
Loblolly Pine
Longleaf Pine
Indian Pipe
Pond Pine
Slash Pine
Swamp Laurel Oak (tree)

Fungi, Protists, and Bacteria

Beauveria bassiana (fungus)
Hairy Brown Slime Mold (protist)
Northern Tooth Fungus
Nostoc commune (cyanobacteria)
Rhizobium (bacteria)

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