Fort George River Timucuan Trailhead Reopened

The Fort George River Inlet trailhead (Jacksonville, FL) was closed for refurbishment during Covid, but has since reopened. Although there was initially a fee to use the paved lot, the fee-box has been removed, as has the portable toilet. As one stands at the edge of the lot and gazes toward the waterway, there appearsContinue reading “Fort George River Timucuan Trailhead Reopened”

Eighteen Miles on a Xooter Scooter

This week, I returned to Camp Milton, where I rode my Xooter scooter to the Jacksonville-Baldwin Rail Trail intersect, turned left, and headed west. But this day was different than the others. Changing the pushing-foot on my scooter came naturally – and switching feet regularly increased my endurance. I also carried a lightweight backpack, whichContinue reading “Eighteen Miles on a Xooter Scooter”