Altra Lone Peak 4.5 – My favorite hiking shoe

Last year, I spent many days birding and hiking. Although I thoroughly enjoyed myself, I was a little concerned about the hard ridges which had developed across my toenails. So I consulted Doctor Google. “Nothing to worry about,” he assured. “It simply means your toenail was injured – usually due to improper footwear. Let theContinue reading “Altra Lone Peak 4.5 – My favorite hiking shoe”

A Senior’s First Ride on the Xooter Mg

Yesterday, I headed back to Camp Milton, in Duval County (FL) to take my new Xooter-Mg for a test-run. The Xooter Mg is very portable and consumed only a small amount of trunk space in my Chevy Sonic. To keep it from sliding, I packed the sides with some old, clean towels. The first walkwaysContinue reading “A Senior’s First Ride on the Xooter Mg”