Eagans Creek Greenway in Fernandina Beach

Pre-Covid, I’d visited Eagans Creek Greenway in Fernandina Beach, Florida; but the weather was hot, I found the trail signs difficult to interpret, and swarms of mosquitos turned me back at the halfway point. Today, the temperature was moderate, the sun was shining, and many trails in Central Florida were flooded, so I decided toContinue reading “Eagans Creek Greenway in Fernandina Beach”

Fort Clinch a well-preserved Civil War fort

One of the country’s best-preserved Civil War forts can be found in Fernandina Beach, Florida. Although it was used during the Civil War, the Spanish American War, and World War II, Fort Clinch never saw combat. Construction began in 1847. The fort was to be part of a network of garrisons, and together they wouldContinue reading “Fort Clinch a well-preserved Civil War fort”