Thomas Creek Conservation Area is a little rugged

Where is the trailhead? Thomas Creek Conservation Area, managed by the St. Johns River Water Management District, is located at 12831 New Kings Road, Jacksonville, Florida. There is a 1.4 mile loop on the west side of New Kings Road (U.S. 1) and a 3-mile loop on the east side of New Kings Road. BothContinue reading “Thomas Creek Conservation Area is a little rugged”

Eighteen Miles on a Xooter Scooter

This week, I returned to Camp Milton, where I rode my Xooter scooter to the Jacksonville-Baldwin Rail Trail intersect, turned left, and headed west. But this day was different than the others. Changing the pushing-foot on my scooter came naturally – and switching feet regularly increased my endurance. I also carried a lightweight backpack, whichContinue reading “Eighteen Miles on a Xooter Scooter”

Birding and the Xooter – The Paths Intersect

Scooter-birding at Big Talbot Island A couple of weeks ago, I took my Xooter scooter to the bicycle trail at Big Talbot Island (Jacksonville, FL). I parked at the trail’s mid-point lot and traveled south, a distance of roughly 2 miles (4 miles round-trip). I was eager to test my skills on this curving, meanderingContinue reading “Birding and the Xooter – The Paths Intersect”