Urban Hike to St. Augustine from Vilano Beach

Most of North Florida is only 19-250 feet (6-76 meters) above sea level so, when it rains for successive days, many trails are closed or are so mucky that they’re nearly impassible. At these times, I resort to an urban hike. This week, I walked from Vilano Beach Town Center (115 Vilano Rd A, St.Continue reading “Urban Hike to St. Augustine from Vilano Beach”

Restaurants in the St. Augustine Historic District

I recently visited the St. Augustine historic district, and ate at a restaurant—the first time in over a year. But eating in the historic district is a little tricky. Many restaurants don’t post their hours, and some aren’t open on Mondays. I planned to eat at Delish Kebabs Brazilian Street Food (12 Cathedral Pl). AContinue reading “Restaurants in the St. Augustine Historic District”